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Hot Wheels 1.0

Your attitude and skills will determine if you are made to drive the way
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Burn the rubber with the Hot Wheels 1.0. Attitude and the skills that you have will determine if you are made to drive the way to success. You Speed, Power, Performance and your attitude will determine if you are worth it or not. The package has thirty cars designed on the original hot wheels specifications. All you have to do is to choose your car and challenge your friends to a great racing experience. Experience the adrenaline rush of twelve tracks and four battle arenas. You get to perform extreme stunts, high flying jumps with speed drifting. You can test your skills in the different game modes of Race, Eliminator, Tournament, Rampage and Battle. The Hot Wheels 1.0 package promises to be an high intensity race driving meant for crazed car enthusiasts. On the go you can collect heavy weapons as power-ups. The game has highly detailed animation with visible car damage and the movements of the car a designed to give the authentic experience of driving the real deal. The Hot Wheels 1.0 package is the real deal for extreme gamers who want to test their driving and stunt skills.

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